Christmas Tree Clean Up!

Needle clean upIt is that time of year again, Christmas is over and you are left with a pile of needles to clean up. Similar to glitter this can be a never ending daunting process. We have provided a few tips to make your clean-up easier…..

1. Sweep up as many of the needles as you can with a broom or similar.

2. Think of needles as outdoor stuff….you wouldn’t vacuum the ground in the woods (hopefully!) so use common sense with regards to your vacuum’s capability. ¬†Needles real or fake do not bend well and frequently flex and cause obstructions in vacuum hoses and tubes.

3. After sweeping up as many as you can, use a shop vacuum or your vacuum hose to continue cleaning. We do not recommend trying to use your vacuum’s floor nozzle until the end because it will clog easier than your hose.

4. Finally go over floor with your vacuum. We do not recommend bagless vacuums for pine needles because they clog super easy. But if that is all you have be very careful!

5. Have your vacuums yearly service done by a professional! We recommend having your vacuum cleaned and lubricated on a yearly basis. A few dollars can save a lot of money down the road. Also if you notice even a little loss of suction after your holiday cleanup bring your vacuum in immediately! Needles are know for getting lodged in your vacuum if not cleared they will begin to back everything up and creating a bigger problem. A clogged vacuum clean easily burn out your motor!

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