New & Used Vacuums

Vacuum Cleaner Warehouse is proud to provide our customers with both New and Used vacuum options. Have a specific need let us help you decide what is right for you. vcw

Allergies, Pets, Kiddos, Lightweight or Commercial needs we have it all!

You know the old saying if you want to know what car to buy “Ask the Repairman!”   That statement is never more true than with vacuums. We are experts in all brands on the market and what is going to fit your needs. Just because you saw you saw a fancy demonstration on TV or Online doesn’t mean it is the best vacuum to fit your needs.

Why shop Small? Small business are both experts in their respective fields and let’s be frank, if you purchase a vacuum from a big box store like Walmart and you hate it you don’t stop shopping a Walmart. If you purchase a product from a small business and hate it you don’t return. Thus we are very picky about making sure you get the best product to fit your needs. Small does not always equal higher priced 🙂

10 thoughts on “New & Used Vacuums

  1. I have a very 9old silver king vacuum. Probably one of the first they came out with. My vacuum head has decided to call it quits, ( have had it worked on a few times) and is now time to purchase a new vacuum head. Can you tell me what I need to be looking for? The blue silver kings use a two prong plug from what I understand. Mine is three prongs. Help?

      1. Can you tell me more? I love my silver king and I know the canister isn’t the power source that does the actual vacuuming, it’s the head so I don’t want something that makes noise and doesn’t pick up anything but I don’t have the big money to spend either. I’m widowed and live on a fixed income.
        I have a dog and two cats that shed big time. I have an upright canister vacuum but it picks up SOME stuff and just balls up the hair on the carpet and I then have to go around and pick those up.

  2. When We change your hose over to Two prong there are about 7 powerheads that will work with you vacuum. if you would like you can call me at 7195740991 and we can talk more

  3. I am a neighbor of Your’s for many years and have worked at Maizeland Mores Ctr. Steaksmith and Roccos . I am looking for a good used robot floor and carpet cleaner for My Mom that is affordable. Under $100? Can You help me?

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