Vacuum Repair & Service

We provide repair and service on most makes and models of vacuum cleaners.

We recommend having your vacuum cleaned and tuned up at least once a year. Average price ranges from $35-$65

Not sure what your problem is? Come by! We provide a FREE ESTIMATE on all repairs. We carry many parts in stock and can order parts if needed.

Repair the following brands:

Riccar, Dyson, Electrolux, Eureka, Hoover, Sanitair ,Simplicity, Dirt Devil, Shark, Panasonic, Kenmore, Bissell, Royal, Singer, Sharp, Oreck, Fuller Brush, Miele, Kirby, Rainbow, SilverKing/Blue Max, Filter Queen, GE, Powr-Flite, Sebo, Lux, Ciruss, Perfect, Hoky, Easy-Flo, ProTeam, Evolution, ProTeam,
Maytag,  LG, Hylafunny repair guy carrying tool

42 thoughts on “Vacuum Repair & Service

  1. I am in need of the base with the wheels and a new handle for the top to carry it with. I cannot find a dealer here that carries hyla parts

    Thank you

    1. Hello Joan,

      I do have a variety of used Hyla parts. New you have to call the company directly. We would be happy to help you and give you an estimate! Please just bring the machine by. Thanks!!!

  2. Hi, just had a question, how much would a cleaning and new belt would cost for a Hoover Whole House Elite? I borrowed it from a friend and just bought a Dyson so would like to professionally cleaned before I give it back to him.

    1. Hello! Typically a complete service including the belt runs $45. But we are always happy to give you a complimentary estimate when you bring the vacuum in. Thanks!

    1. Hello we are checking the warehouse for tanks. We are only able to get used please call us at 719-574-0991 on Monday and we can give you an update 🙂 thanks

      1. Kurt, I sorry to say that i dont have these items. Check with Hyla direct I believe they will ship them directly to you. Have a great day

  3. Do you accept broken vacuum donations? We have several needing minor repairs that thrift stores won’t take but hate to throw them out since they could probably be fixed and used by someone.

  4. I have a kenmore direct drive vaccine that the brush has stopped turning. Since this is not controlled by a belt I do not know how to repair. It’s this a service you would offer?

  5. I have a Bissell carpet cleaner. the water pump is not pumping the return water.
    Do you repair ????

  6. I have a rainbow that needs a new power switch I have another rainbow that needs a piece fixed by hose I have heard wonderful things about you hoping you can help me

  7. My spin brush on my shark just stopped working. I took to another shop and they told me that they can’t get parts for shark. Are you able to work on shark or do I just need to buy another vacuum? Thanks

    1. They are right we can’t get parts for shark. But we can usually clean the sensor or remove it. To get the head working again. Come by the shop and we will look at it for you

      1. Thanks! I’m wondering…if you can’t get parts I may want to just get a vacuum that can be worked on locally. I’ll stop by and chat. Thank you for your quick response.

  8. Hi,

    I have a Hyla vacuum cleaner purchased in Aug 2014. Unable to switch on totally. Would it be possible to repair? What is the rough estimated cost for repair? Is it covered under warranty after repair?


    1. It can be repaired. I would need to see the vac to give an est. we do free estimates. I’m not sure about the warranty I don’t do Hyla warranty and I don’t know who does ?? Call me and we will se what we can work out

  9. I have a SEBO that I LOVE! However, by dog just chewed the cord to three pieces and the main carpet attachment needs repaired as well. Are these things that you would be able to fix?

  10. I have a blue max that I need to sell. It has a problem that the belt melted into the ring so the brush doesn’t spin.

  11. I’m needing parts for a Vintage Hoover Encore #S2551 Quik Broom ( Stick Vac.).
    1. Cyclonic Filter & Separator , p/n #43615087 , #43615081. * Inside dirt cup.
    2. UPHOLSTERY hose and tools.
    Thank You.

    1. Parts aren’t available for this vacuum. BUT I have a warehouse full of older parts. If you would like you can bring the vacuum in and I can take it to the warehouse and see if I have the parts to match the vacuum.

      1. I’m in Central ILLINOIS. Plus, my landlord Misplaced/LOST it !! I could send you pixs…. ? Please let me know. Where Are you located ?
        And Thank You !

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