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Your Dyson appliance is warranted against original defects in material and
workmanship for a period of five years from the date of purchase, when used for
private household purposes in accordance with the Dyson Operating Manual.
This warranty provides, at no extra cost to you, all labor and parts necessary
to ensure your appliance is in proper operating condition during the warranty
period. This limited warranty is subject to the following terms:

Dyson, Inc. shall not be liable for costs, damages or repairs incurred as a
result of:
• Appliances purchased from an unauthorized dealer.
• Careless operation or handling, misuse, abuse and/or lack of maintenance or
use not in accordance with the Dyson Operating Manual.
• Use of the appliance other than for normal domestic purposes within the United
States, e.g. for commercial or rental purposes.
• Use of parts not in accordance with the Dyson Operating Manual.
• Use of parts and accessories other than those produced or recommended by
Dyson, Inc.
• External sources such as weather.
• Repairs or alterations carried out by unauthorized parties or agents.
• Clearing blockages from your vacuum.
• Normal wear and tear, including normal wearing parts, such as clear bin, belt,
filter, brush bar, hose assembly and power cord (or where external damage or
abuse is diagnosed), carpet or floor damage due to use not in accordance with
manufacturer’s instructions or failure to turn the brush bar off when necessary.
• Please fill out and return the Warranty Form, or register online at
• Before service can take place, the terms of the limited warranty require that you
contact the Dyson Helpline with your model name/number, serial number, date
and place of purchase.
• Please keep your purchase receipt in a safe place to ensure you have this
• All work will be carried out by Dyson, Inc. or its authorized agents.
• Any replaced defective parts will become the property of Dyson, Inc.
• Service under this warranty will not extend the period of this warranty.
• If your appliance is not functioning properly, please call the Dyson Helpline.
Most issues can be rectified over the telephone by our trained Customer Care
staff. If this is not possible Dyson, Inc. will arrange for your appliance to be
repaired and returned in full working order at no extra cost to yourself.
• Any implied warranties relating to your appliance including but not limited to
warranty of merchantability or warranty of fitness for a particular purpose, are
limited to the duration of this warranty. This limitation is not allowed by some
States and so this limitation may not apply to you.
• Your remedy for breach of this warranty is limited to the warranty service
described above. Dyson, Inc. will not be liable for any consequential damages
or incidental damages you may incur in connection with your purchase and
use of your appliance. This limitation is not allowed by some States and so this
limitation may not apply to you.
• This limited warranty gives you specific legal rights. You may also have other
rights which vary by State.
• This limited warranty is not transferable.

*Information from Dyson DC41 Owners Manual pg.11

For more information or to Register your Dyson please click the following link!


3 thoughts on “Dyson Warranty Repair

  1. My dyson 40 does not suck the dirt
    Is this a bad model? It doesnt seem like ive had it all that long but ill look for a warranty.

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